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Key Learning Priorities

Formal learning is not introduced at the setting. We firmly believe that young children are not physically, emotionally and intellectually ready for formal learning at the nursery stage and that young children benefit from an unhurried and stress free environment where there is time to discover the world around him/her and to master social, physical co-ordination, speech and other life skills before any ‘top down’ teaching is introduced.

The focus is on having a curious approach to learning naturally through everyday experiences and rhythms of life, being able to wonder and practise alongside the teacher in a secure environment therefore developing these skills naturally in preparation for formal schooling when the child is consciously and physically ready. The Curiosity Approach ensures the EYFS statements of education are met by ‘learning through play’.

Learning being the notion that everything which surrounds the child has an impact on the child, from relationships to environments.

The education takes account of the whole child and believes that children’s learning flourishes in a calm, peaceful, predictable and unhurried environment which recognises the child’s sensitivities, interests and unique ways of learning. Yoga and ‘Dough Disco’ are two favourites with our little learners, helping to promote wellbeing and mindfulness.

A Typical Day

We are an inclusive nursery where every child matters, meeting the individual needs of both children and parents, enabling children to reach their full potential. Our indoor and outdoor areas provide learning and social opportunities for children in a happy, safe and secure environment.

What children experience in nursery can create strong and lasting foundations on which to build on in later life, so we believe it is essential that the first experiences at Wingerworth Wonder Years are both enjoyable and of the highest quality. Every day is different, we have a flexible approach where we respond to the interests of our children, and if you follow us on Facebook, you see what fun we have!


Most of the furniture is made of wood and is intended for open ended or multi use by the children.

Toys are made of natural materials and are deliberately crafted to be relatively undefined to allow maximum scope for imaginative use as props in children’s play. They include wooden blocks and logs, natural plain cloth and hand-made wooden doll people. We have loose parts such as shells, wooden pieces, dried fruits and natural pinecones which can be used for transient art, making patterns, counting or to represent food when baking in the home area.

Equipment includes grain mills, juice presses, and other simple manual tools, watercolours, broad brushes, wax crayons, pencils and paper, and beautiful picture books. There are also a variety of materials in soft colours for dressing up or using to den build, which can make houses, boats or castles. In the home area there are small cradles, table and chairs, kitchen equipment and authentic resources giving the feel of a home from home. The authentic resources provide children to understand the need to care for their toys, to treat them with respect and love so they do not get broken.

There are instruments for musical activities, and a quiet cosy area with a few carefully chosen picture books to support restful times, which are changed regularly.