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Cuddly Caterpillars 0-2

We know it is the hardest decision in the world ‘who to leave your child with’. Your little one is very special to us and we want to reassure you that we will take the best possible care of them; they are precious to us too.

We treat this time of life as being of immense importance as young learners start to explore the environment.

Our babies are looked after in their own quiet, stimulating room; with colourful displays and age appropriate resources; creating a warm cosy environment. This is a happy and safe environment for when your baby starts to crawl, walk and explore; not forgetting time for lots of talk, rest, play, love and cuddles.

The routine in the baby room is very flexible which enables us to suit each child’s individual needs. It is a room filled with toys and resources that are perfectly suited to your child’s age and needs. This area is just for them so you can be sure that the room and equipment is all completely safe and stimulating.

We have cosy cots for your little one to snuggle down in. If your child has a favourite blanket or comforter, please feel free to bring this in.

We use the Famly app to communicate with parents throughout the day, information shared daily may include; what they have eaten, how they have slept, nappy details, who they have played with, what they have learnt and ideas to further their learning at home. We encourage you to share and add photos and news from home too.