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My name is Jane Shepherd & my role is Owner / Managing Director of Wingerworth Wonder Years.

Our vision for Wingerworth Wonder Years is to develop a stimulating, challenging environment where children are encouraged to learn through play, using their imagination and creative ideas, and are responsible for their own learning.

By providing exciting, stimulating experiences and activities we encourage the children to develop their independence and critical thinking skills building on their cultural capital.

As a setting we know how important it is to work alongside parents. Working in partnership with parents and other outside agencies to make sure children's welfare is fully met on all levels.

We provide a home from home setting where children feel valued, respected and included at all times.

It is important to use our teachable moments to nurture children's abilities and encourage them to develop their skills using risk taking and challenging themselves.

We have moved away from using lots of colourful plastic resources that over stimulate our children, to more natural, everyday resources and items that encourage children to use their imaginations and critical thinking.

Our favourite thing about working at Wingerworth Wonder Years is team work. We all work together as a team to enhance the setting for the children and ourselves.

Staff are provided with plentiful opportunities to extend their professional development and learning, but most of all to have FUN delivering tailored activities to meet children's individual needs.

Our Nursery

Every day we explore new ways to expand your child’s experience and learning, in a fun, curious and stimulating way. Our nursery offers a friendly and homely environment.

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Putting Children First

Education in the early years is about developing strong, curious, confident children. It is about extending their joy, fascination and wonder at the world around them.

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What We Offer

We encourage you to visit & ask questions. Our experienced team will take the time to discover your child’s routine; and how you settle your child.

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What children experience in nursery can create strong and lasting foundations on which to build on in later life, so we believe it is essential that the first experiences at Wingerworth Wonder Years are both enjoyable and of the highest quality.

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Wingerworth Wonder Years is committed to providing fresh, healthy and nutritious snacks and meals for the children in our care; incorporating any special dietary requirements as well as favourite requests from the children.

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Wingerworth Wonder Years, 1a Welbeck Drive, Wingerworth, Chesterfield, S42 6SN Chesterfield

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